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CBD Infused Olive Oil

8.5oz 250mg CBD (30mg CBD per Tablespoon)

Our Olive Oil comes in 3 different styles.

  • Original (unflavored)

    • It may be simple, but it is NOT just ordinary olive oil! Infused with CBD Isolate, add a little something extraordinary into your next dish!

  • Garlic & Rosemary Herb

    • An infusion of classic Italian herbs, Pueblo OG Garlic & CBD Isolate, elevating any dish to the next flavor level! The herbs, garlic and hemp used are all sourced from Colorado Organic farms & gardens! Great for bread dips, pizza, or as salad dressing! Buon appetito!

  • Pueblo Chile for extra SPICE!

    • Every year in Pueblo, CO, the air is filled with the mouth watering, nose tickling aromas of Pueblo's famous "Pueblo Chile" being fire roasted and served as a local delicacy. We've captured that sensation inside this bottle of CBD infused Olive Oil! Enjoy our inspired collaboration of local flavors and culture!

Use as you would regular olive oil in your cooking, salad dressing, or just topping off on your final creations.

These are made SEASONAL for the freshest ingredients and will be available for a limited time beginning in September

Used with 100% CBD Isolate and 0% THC. You will experience no psychoactive effect also known as a "high". Every product has a QR code. Simply use your smart phone QR Code Reader and you will be directed to Nature's Pharma certified third-party test results.

Our Olive Oil is recommended for body aches, pain, mood, anxiety. Can be used anytime of the day.

Original Flavor Ingredients: Olive Oil and CBD Isolate

Garlic & Herb Ingredients: Olive Oil, Roasted Dehydrated Pueblo OG Garlic, Dehydrated Rosemary & Oregano, CBD Isolate

Pueblo Chili Ingredients: Olive Oil, Pueblo Chile Powder, Dehydrated Pueblo Chile, CBD Isolate

All products are third party tested and comes with test results

Does NOT contain THC

Commonly asked Q&A

Do CBD Edibles work immediately?

The usual time for an indigested edible to kick fully in the body is two hours. It can more than two hours as well, depending on different body factors. Consuming orally has a longer lasting effect than topical.